Namespace operations define a namespace, for example, .sats is a namespace.

As of this writing over 100 different communities have started namespaces simply by inscribing names. This has created a bit of a mess—namespace operations help builders, marketplaces, and indexers, track all names, across all namespaces, with a standard syntax. Just like BRC20 has a syntax for fetching all tokens, SNS has a standard for fetching all names.

Here are few noteworthy examples and their namespace inscription:

NamespaceAboutNamespace operation


Names on Bitcoin. First is first.


Built on Bitcoin with ordinals


Good morning Bitcoiners

There are many more. You can find them all by searching for the ns operation.

Create a namespace

Here are few reasons to inscribe a namespace operation for your community:

  • Help indexers and marketplaces "find" your namespace.

  • Include a description so inscribers know the purpose of the namespace.

  • Include a nice avatar or logo for marketplaces.

A few other important details about namespaces:

  • Like names, namespaces (specifically the ns value) are globally unique, and the first inscription of any namespace is the only valid instance. First is first.

  • The namespace inscription does not add, or remove, or limit anything related to how others inscribe names.

  • You can inscribe any SNS name, on any namespace, before the namespace inscription has been created.

  • No special permissions are given to the namespace inscription holder.

  • Namespace inscriptions have no speculative or secondary market value.

Namespace operation

    "p": "sns",
    "op": "ns",
    "ns": "sats",
    "about": "Names on Bitcoin. First is first.",
    "avatar": "6373fce7c218e344d78e6c1802651ee1557eb6ebd2292b2ba24d449792227869i0",



Helps indexers identify the SNS protocol



New namespace operation



Defines the namespace, for example sats defines the .sats namespace. Do not include the period .



A short description. Aim for under 50 characters.



A logo or image symbolizing the namespace. Use Inscription ID.

Do not include the period, or dot, in the operation.

You're welcome to put any UTF-8 character in your namespace but we recommend keeping things simple. Emoji, rare unicode characters, etc. are probably a bad idea and may have poor support by indexers or marketplaces.

⚠️ Registration limitations

These rules apply to all namespaces and names:

  • Only the first instance of each name/namespace is valid.

  • Only one name operation per ordinal inscription.

  • Any UTF-8 character is valid.

  • Capitalization does not matter. All names/namespaces will be indexed as lowercase.

  • No spaces are permitted within a name.

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