About Sats Names

Why own an SNS name?

Name systems are essential for our online lives but they are usually under the control of centralized companies. A Bitcoin-based name system has the potential to revolutionize online identity with names secured with Bitcoin security and decentralization. We hope to see many wallets, marketplaces, and apps develop around the SNS standard.

When will Sats Names go live?

It already is. You register names by inscribing ordinals. Go inscribe one right now!

Can I trade Sats Names?

Sure! Names are simply ordinals and can be traded. Whatever wallet holds the first instance of a name our indexer will consider the current owner.

How can I support Sats Names?

You can support Sats Names by inscribing some great names and changing your Twitter and Nostr handle!

How does Sats Names make money?

We do not make money, nor do we have any plans to do so. Names are inscribed as ordinals, and the only fees involved are paid to miners on the Bitcoin network.

Who controls the DAO and standard?

There is no DAO. And there is no protocol in the smart contract sense. All we propose here is a standard for registering names. We cannot change names, update names, raise the cost of names, or do anything of that sort.

How do I get OG status, rewards, tokens, mintpass, whitelisted, etc.?

There is nothing like that here. Everyone has equal access to inscribe whatever Sats Name they wish on a first come first serve basis.


How do I register names?

Follow the instructions in the SNS Spec or use an app that supports registrations.

How can I tell if someone has already registered my name?

Most inscription services index and check for you. To be very certain you should cross check in multiple indexers.

How can I tell if a particular ordinal name is real / authentic / legit?

We’re just a couple devs suggesting a standard. We don’t have any authority over what is “real” or not. We’re going to build some tools that help marketplaces, wallets, and individuals users sort out which .sats name was first. You shouldn’t trust us or anyone—you should verify. That said we’ll try to make it fast and easy to verify!

Can I register multiple names in one ordinal?

No. See SNS Spec.

What about emoji and punycode?

If you want emoji then just use the emoji directly.

What happens if I inscribe a duplicate name?

First is first. Indexers will regard the second name as invalid.

Why is my name not indexed properly?

Funky or imperfect formatting can sometimes cause this. See the examples in the reference page. Check your JSON5 here.

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